The territory we now call Canton was originally part of the Massaco Plantation (now Simsbury) which was set aside in 1670.

John Brown

There are several links between Canton, Connecticut and the famous John Brown of the abolitionist raid on the Federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.

Edward Sears

Edward attended the High School in Collinsville and began work at the Collins Company at the age of 15.

Sam Collins

In 1826, Samuel Collins, his brother David, and cousin William Wells formed “Collins & Company” (later The Collins Company) to establish a factory for the manufacture of axes.

The Nepaug Story

The Nepaug Reservoir was designed to provide a dependable and safe water supply for the growing city of Hartford.

The Railroads of Canton

In the heyday of the Collins Company Canton was served by not one, but two railroads.

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