50 Years Ago – One Museum’s Beginnings…

From the first meeting to initiate creating the Canton Historical Society, Inc., to the opening of the Canton Historical Museum.

November 17, 1966

On November 17, 1966, upon the invitation of Ernest Inglis, Jr. and Raymond Green, a group of Canton residents came to a meeting at the home of Mr. Inglis to initiate the formation of a Canton Historical Society. Present, in addition to Mr. Inglis and Mr. Green, were Mr. Clair Elston, Mr. Guy Whitney, Mrs. Hortense French, Mrs. Arthur Sweeton, Miss Ruth Case, Mr. Joseph O’Connor and Mrs. Robert Menasian. It was moved, seconded and voted that Mr. Green be appointed moderator and Mrs. Menasian secretary for the meeting.

After considerable discussion concerning the need for an organization to provide housing for the present Collinsville Museum, the following motion was made, seconded and passed; that a charter and by-laws be drawn up for a charitable corporation for this purpose, with Mr. Green and Mr. O’Connor as incorporators. Also moved, seconded, passed was the formation of an interim society with the following officers; Mr. Guy Whitney, President, Mr. Raymond Green, Treasurer, and Mrs. Robert Menasian, Secretary.

Possible use of the Collins Company Recreation Room to continue in use as a museum and an augmented list of Canton Residents to serve as directors were topics discussed. It was decided to hold another meeting on December 8, 1966 at the home to Mr. Whitney, after incorporation, with all directors present, in order to elect full-time officers. Respectfully submitted, Armine K. Menasian (Minutes from the archives at Canton Historical Museum)

December 8, 1966

On Dec. 8, 1966, the Canton Historical Society met at the home of Mr. Guy Whitney . Mr. Ernest Inglis, Jr., acted as moderator. Mr. Raymond Green announced that the society had been incorporated and would be known henceforth as the Canton Historical Society, Inc. Mr. Inglis, Mr. Green and Mr. Joseph O’Connor, having met as incorporators, nominated as incorporators the following:

Guy F. Whitney
Raymond H. Morris
Robert Ferguson, Jr.
James Lee Loomis, Jr.
Mrs. Hortense French
Mrs. Robert G. Menasian
Carl F. Svenson, Jr.
Mrs. Muriel Olson
Raymond Anderson

Donald J. Viering
John R. Kenney
James Barraclough
Mrs. Arthur Sweeton, Jr.
Wesley Horton
L. K. Forritt
Robert Gillespie
Lawrence S. Carlton
Mrs. Wesley Horton

Clair M. Elston
Mrs. Whitney Jennison
Daniel Gutman
Hector Prudhomme
Mrs. Gilbert W. Heublein
Mrs. Bertha Bristol
George Latimer
Miss Ruth Case
H. H. Allen Morris

The secretary was instructed to cast one ballot for the nominations. With Mr. Whitney as moderator, the following slate of officers was nominated: President, Mr. Whitney; Vice-President, Mr. Elston; Secretary, Mrs. Menasian; Treasurer, Mr. Green. Nominations were closed and the secretary was instructed to cast one vote for the slate. Respectfully submitted, Armine K. Menasian, Secretary (Minutes from the archives at Canton Historical Museum)

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